Leoch 20ah Battery

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Recommended for use on Powakaddy trolleys

Deep Cycle Battery 12v-20Ah (this battery is recommended for those playing regular golf and is far superior to some cheap alternatives which we do not sell or recommend).

This battery directly replaces Powakaddy original batteries.If you are unsure of the connection you require for your trolley then please call our service team on 01189 121004.

This month this battery comes with a FREE carry strap (black).

Whilst improvements have been made to batteries in recent years, the significant loading in driving a golf trolley for several hours will test the quality of any battery.

If is important to choose the right battery for you to suit the make and expected usage of your trolley.

At golftrolleyshop we only sell authorised and recommended batteries which conform to particular standards. Customers are advised to check carefully before buying cheaper products online as some sold will not be suitable for continued use and are likely to perform poorly relatively quickly.

LEOCH is a quality brand recommended by major trolley manufacturers which has an excellent reputation for reliability and long term performance and as such we recommend this battery.

This battery (26ah) is recommended for regular use for at least 27 holes. Those customers regularly playing more than 18 holes should purchase this product or the 33ah version of this product as shown below.

Customer warning: Customers should be advised to take care when purchasing cheaper batteries from non golf trolley shop specialists as these frequently are not approved or recommended for regular golf trolley use and may damage your trolley.

Weight = 9.8kg
Dimension = 167MM(L) x 125MM(H) x 175mm(W)
Warranty = 1 year

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