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How much could I get for my used trolley on trading it in?

The amount depends on the make, model, age, condition and demand but a desirable used model in very good condition could be valued up to £250.

How easy is it really to trade-in my trolley?

Really easy. Our Trade-in form can be used to request a quote by email. Assuming you are happy with the quote you firstly purchase your new trolley and then we arrange collection of your old trolley and refund your payment card with the agreed trade-in value - that simple!

Can I trade in any trolley?

We are happy to provide a valuation on any electric trolley you have but typically trolleys we buy are up to 8 years old and from well know manufacturers such as Powakaddy, Motocaddy and Hill Billy and are in at least a fair condition.

How do you value my trolley?

We take account of the age, the condition and the known demand for the particular model you have. Certain second hand models are still in some demand whereas others are less so as technology and performance has moved on.

Do I need to buy a new trolley from you to be able to trade in my old one?

No you don't have to buy a new trolley to trade-in your old one.....but we have such a good range of new product at competative prices that most people do choose to trade-in and buy the new trolley with us to get the best value deals.

Does trading-in my trolley incur any fees?

No. We will give you a valuation quote and will deduct a collection courier fee (£15 including VAT) from this amount but there are no fees to pay.

How will I get my trade-in trolley to you?

We take care of it - we will arrange for our courier to call you and fix a suitable time for collection from you. We will send you by post a suitable box for you to package your trolley.

How will I get my cash?

We will refund your payment card with the agreed trade-in value within 3 days of receipt of your old trolley.

How good are the used trolleys you sell?

We have years of experience of buying, selling and servicing most makes of golf trolley and all our repairs and testing is carried out by a Powakaddy & Motocaddy authorised service centre. We only deal with the top manufacturers and replace components as required with original manufactures parts only. Used trolleys will show the usual signs of use but will be fully functioning, clean and have been fully tested before being released for sale. Unlike other retailers we include a free 3 month warranty on our reconditioned trolleys.

What do I do with my battery charger and battery when I trade-in?

All trolley valuations include the battery charger and trolleys without chargers are worth very little unless relatively new models. We DO NOT include your lead acid battery in our trade-in valuations and DO NOT want you to include the lead acid battery with your trolley (Please note that we DO include and require lithium batteries as part of the trade-in). Please ensure you dispose of you battery in an environmentally friendly manner.

Do reconditioned and new trolleys come with batteries?

All new trolleys offer a choice of battery options. Reconditioned trolley prices exclude a battery but this can be purchased from us separately at great rates (we have special deals with the manufacturers). Modern high performance batteries for trolleys perform well under relatively high loads but typically all trolleys should expect to have a new battery every 2-3 years depending on the usage levels. On this basis we recommend not buying or using second hand batteries.

Is my trolley insured when in transit to you?

We will pay the valuation quoted should your trolley be lost in transit by our courier. You should retain the collection note as evidence of collection. Your trolley is insured for damage in transit only where the packing shows signs of physical damage.

Where do you pick up trade-ins from and sell into?

Anywhere in mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

How do I reach you?

Customer support queries should be sent to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as is possible. Email is our preferred contact method but should you need to contact us urgently our support team can be contacted on 01189 121004.

Can I deliver my trolley to you?

Yes, once your quote has been agreed simply call us to arrange to drop your trolley off and we will give you a receipt. Once tested in a few days we will send you a cheque or refund your payment card.

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