Lead Acid Batteries-The facts

As most will know, the voltage of a 12V / 20 A/h golf trolley battery is 12 and is known as the terminal voltage. The 20 Ah (Ampere Hours) refers to the capacity of the battery. This is something that you can not see but simply and as a rule of thumb, if a 12 volt, 1 Amp bulb was connected to a fully charged 12 V / 20A/h battery that are in good condition, the bulb should remain illuminated for 20 hours. 1 Amp bulb for 20 hours = 20A/h. Applying the same bulb to a 12V / 28A/h battery, the bulb should be illuminated for around 28 hours. 1Amp bulb for 28 hours = 28A/h. The only physical way of determining the actual A/h capacity of a golf trolley battery is by using a battery capacity discharge tester.

When a battery is discharged, one of the bi-products produced other than producing electricity is a sulphate contained within the battery. Sulphates disperse almost completely when a battery is re-charged ASAP after discharging. Failure to charge the battery in good time will allow the sulphates to attach themselves to the internal battery plates and build up a resistant barrier resulting in the battery failing prematurely. If a battery is dropped and even a hairline fracture is formed, oxygen will enter the battery rendering it useless very quickly.

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OUR REVIEW-The Powerbug Pro Tour Lithium

Powerbug may not be the most well known brand which may lead to this trolley being passed by but our advice is, take a second look. You may well notice the Pro-Tour has some distinct similarities to one of the other major brand's products and this is because they share a manufacturing plant in China. A Chinese trolley I hear you say and the answer is yes, Powerbug's are produceed in China but rest assured that the quality of the components used on this trolley are exactly the same as that of the more expensive market leader.

So the Powerbug Pro-tour is a bit cheaper than other lithium trolleys on the market but that doesn't necessarily make it inferior and in terms of functionality the Pro-Tour doesn't do anything special. You can send the trolley off on it's own for a pre-set distance using their "VRAP" system (if that's your thing) and the trolley is controlled using a simple dial button as is standard on many current trolleys. The Pro-Tours folding mechanism is fairly easy to get to grips with after a bit of practice and is remarkably similar to that of the Motocaddy range of trolleys. The trolley weighs in at 8kgs without a battery, which in comparison to other trolleys is at the lighter end of the market and the overall dimensions will allow it to fit into an average size car boot.

Not convinced yet? Well, we've saved the best for last and the best thing about the Powerbug Pro-Tour is the unbelievably small and light weight Hurricana lithium battery. Weighing in at under a kilo, the battery can fit into the palm of your hand and is capable of completing over 27 holes on one charge. The battery fits snuggly into the trolleys battery tray and comes in a padded case with a handle which makes it very easy for transporting.

When advising customers we are often asked whether a battery that small will have enough power and our on course tests have shown the Pro-Tour lithium battery is capable of completing 36 holes, well beyond the manufacturers stated distance and you also get the reassureance of 2 year manufacturer warranty if the unthinkable does occur, although we have seen no failures and have been assured by Powerbug that their failure rate is very close to zero.

In conclusion, for style and looks the Pro-Tour is ok but maybe not quite as stylish when compared to a Powakaddy or Motocaddy. For gadgets and features, the Pro-tour has the essentials but maybe not the bling of a Motocaddy S3Pro or a Powakaddy Sport but as a great value, lightweight, well constructed trolley with the best Lithium battery on the market, the PowerBug Pro-Tour gets a big thumbs up from us!

For advice on the Powerbug Pro Tour annd our full range of trolleys please call our sales team on 01189 121004.

NEW Golf Trolley Scrappage Scheme

At golftrolleyshop we are always striving to provide the best possible value and hassle free way for our customers to buy their new golf trolley and following on from the great success of our unique trolley trade-in scheme we are delighted to announce the launch of our new trolley scrappage scheme.

Unlike our trade-in scheme where we require that your trolley is a well known brand and that the trolley is in working order, with scrappage you are free to send us any brand of trolley, in any condition and we will guarantee you a fixed scrappage fee on the purchase of your new trolley. If your trolley is in working order and one of the main brands then please complete our trade-in form as you may well receive a larger trade-in offer.

Here’s how scrappage works:

  • Choose the "Yes I would like to receive….for my old trolley" option in the box located on the page of the trolley you are looking to purchase.
  • Click BUY to checkout and buy your new trolley
  • Once you receive your new trolley put your old trolley in the new trolley box (you do not need to label the box - our courier will do this on arrival)
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying a weekday morning or afternoon that is convenient for your old trolley to be collected by our courier (we can collect from work addresses if this is easier for you)
  • When we receive your old trolley we will credit your payment card with the….scrappage fee
  • * Please note that your trolley does not need to be working and we do not require your battery or charger.*
  • To speak to our sales team for all your trolley needs please call us on 01189 121004.

    New Skycaddie Linx GPS Watch

    SkyCaddie have announced the introduction of the new SkyCaddie® LINX golf rangefinder. The new GPS device was unvieled at this years PGA Merchandise Show.

    The LINX is a fashionable sport watch that comes preloaded with 34,000 high-precision, error-corrected golf courses to provide superior performance for golfers of all skill levels. The new SkyCaddie LINX watch features a very clear, high-definition, sunlight-readable display with both positive and negative polarity to make it the most legible watch on the market. The LINX is Bluetooth-enabled and when paired with the NEW complimentary mobile app, golfers can upload scores and stats to SkyGolf’s online community for fast and easy review of their rounds without a cable.

    Bluetooth connectivity also makes it easy to keep the LINX up-to-date with the latest error-corrected course updates onDemand to avoid the obsolescence of preloads. Using ground-corrected precision course maps, the LINX provides dynamic distances to the front, centre and back of the green, as well as provides TrueGround layup targets from the tee box through the entire hole with no membership required.

    LINX is also SkyPin-enabled, meaning that wearers will be able to see ‘Front-Pin-Back’ distances once SkyGolf’s new SkyPin technology – which gives golfers exact distances to that day’s pin positions – arrives at their golf course.

    Available from Spring 2014. RRP £199

    Motocaddy M1Lite Push Trolley

    Motocaddy broke new ground with its super-compact folding M1 Pro electric trolley. Now it has incorporated the same idea into a push version. The M1 Lite is a feature-packed, lightweight option that has been 18 months in the making. It uses the same, quick triple-fold mechanism as the electric version, and the same twin-tub frame design. The result? It’s 50 per cent smaller than existing Motocaddy push trolleys and fits snugly into the smallest of car boots. It weighs a mere 6kg and includes a newly-styled soft-grip handle, developed to make the trolley comfortable to hold and easier to push. It also boasts several handy features, including an integrated accessory station, on which you can attach up to four accessories (sold separately) to the handle.

    Available from Spring 2014, Call 01189 121004 for more information


    Featuring a lightweight, robust aluminium frame with a quick fold system, the TwinLine 4 provides a swift and easy set-up from its compact size to full assembly.

    This sleek, cutting-edge design offers golfers the perfect, stable base for golf bags, with convenient adjustable straps and PowaKaddy’s very own Key Lock system to securely hold the golf bag in place.

    Quick release sporty wheels make set up even easier and with the user-friendly foot brake and front wheel adjustment, the TwinLine 4 can be adjusted to fit varying ride height requirements.

    A soft touch ergonomic handle with adjustable height is the perfect location for all your golfing essentials, with ample storage spaces for golf balls, tees, drinks bottle, a dry space and an essential scorecard holder. An umbrella holder comes as standard.

    The Twinline 4 will be available from April 2014. For more information call our team on 01189 121004.

    New Motocaddy Super-fast QUIKFOLD assembly mechanism

    New for 2014, Motocaddy have announced the introduction of a super-fast folding mechanism on this season's S1 PRO and S3 PRO trolleys that allows golfers to fold or unfold their trolley within seconds.

    The new S1 PRO and S3 PRO trolleys have been in development for over a year and boast one of the simplest folding systems on the market, thanks to a clever sliding catch that activates the mechanism and then locks the trolley once folded up or down. It can take just five seconds to fold or unfold the trolley.

    “The inspiration for the QUIKFOLD mechanism came from research that showed golfers are looking for a folding system that is both quicker and easier to use,” said Marketing Manager Oliver Churcher. “Customers are now getting extra value for money – in addition to the existing features they can now also take advantage of a super-fast folding design.”

    The new QUIKFOLD models are available now in both Black or Alpine matte finishes

    New Follow remote trolley from Stewart

    Stewart has announced a new remote trolley with the ability to follow the golfer around the course.

    Bluetooth powered electronics keep the remote control guiding the trolley to follow the golfer even up and down hills.

    Based on the proven X series chassis the trolley looks as good as you would expect from Stewart and fills an important gap in the premium trolley market.

    Made in the UK, this trolley is sure to be the talk of golf clubs up and down the country as this experience must be as close as you can get with a trolley to a real caddie.

    For more information call us on 01189 121004

    Trolley Scrappage Press Release

    Golftrolleyshop.com the UK’s no.1 trolley trade-in website is delighted to announce the launch of their new trolley scrappage scheme in partnership with Motocaddy. The scrappage scheme will allow customers to obtain a cash discount against the purchase of a Motocaddy S1Pro lead acid or lithium battery trolley.

    Since launching in 2009, golftrolleyshop.com has run a trade-in scheme that has enabled thousands of golfers to upgrade to a new trolley while receiving great trade-in value for their old model. Sales Director Steve Harden explained, “Trade-in has provided real cost reduction to our customers and we wanted to expand the scheme to cater for customers who have one of the lesser known brands of trolley or a trolley with broken parts. We are delighted to be able to team up with Motocaddy to enable these customers to scrap their old trolley to receive a discount against the purchase of a fantastic S1Pro”.

    The Golftrolleyshop scrappage scheme is available against the purchase of a 2013 Motocaddy S1Pro trolley. The trolley to be exchanged can be any brand and does not need to be working. For further details visit www.golftolleyshop.com


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